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Women’s Tui Pinafore Hack

Women's Tui Pinafore Hack

Create your own Women’s Tui Pinafore with this hack-handy guide!

Thank you to Josie Durney for creating this inspiring post for our Below The Kōwhai community.

To see more of Josies’s beautiful sewing visit @porridgeandpicnics on Instagram.

Women's Tui Pinafore with Bow and Loop

The second I saw the Tui pinafore, I fell in love. I loved how tidy the lining looks and how the straps reached the waistband… however there was only one problem, I’m very much not a child anymore. 

So I played around and decided to mashup the Tui Pinafore and Women’s Mānuka Skirt. 

What you need: 
Below the Kōwhai Tui Pinafore Pattern
Below the Kōwhai Women’s Mānuka Skirt Pattern
A ruler
A calculator 
Extra paper for drafting pattern pieces

Women's Tui Pinafore Hack with Women's Mānuka Skirt

Figuring Out Sizes and Ratios

Firstly, I looked at the size chart for the Tui Pinafore, and worked out the approximate ratios between each size, I also looked at the size chart for the Mānuka Skirt and compared the difference in measurements between the sizes. 

I’m a size 8 for the Mānuka Skirt and an approximate size 10 on the top, so decided to run with a size 8 mashup.

I worked out the ratios between each pattern size and then measured the distance between the height and width on the Squared front bodice piece of the Tui Pinafore. From the two ratios I made the pattern slightly wider in width and much longer.

I held this up against my body to make sure it was approximately the correct size.

I also applied the same logic to the straps, however in hindsight wished they were slightly thinner, so I’d suggest mainly modifying the length. (See photo below for my notes and pattern piece)

Sewing Pattern Pieces Women's Tui Pinafore Hack

Changing Pattern Pieces

For the bottom half of the pinafore, I used all pattern pieces from the Manuka Skirt, except for the front waist, because the pinafore needs 1 x lining and 1 x main fabric.

I created a pattern piece to help merge the patterns together by approximately halving this piece horizontally then adding room for seam allowance (see above photo).

Sewing label

Sewing It Together

From there I followed the instructions of the Tui Pinafore, until it was complete (with a brief break in between before I could order more burgundy thread for top stitching).

I used the Tui Pinafore loop and bow hack from the blog and also added in a sweet label from Kylie & The Machine

I’m really happy with how it turned out and I’m looking forward to wearing it over winter. 

Finished Women's Tui Pinafore sewn by Josie Durney

Thanks for sharing your experience in hacking together these two patterns to make such a fabulous garment!

We can’t wait to make our own Women’s Tui Pinafores after reading this and seeing yours!

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Love and happy sewing,
Sophie x

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