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Where to buy Wool Fabric – NZ & Aus

Where to buy wool

Where to buy wool fabric from New Zealand and Australia for your Awhi Coats! A round up of 6 fab local stores.

It’s no secret that we are blessed in New Zealand and Australia with a history of warm woollen blankets from the past.

If you find a stash of these treasures at the op-shop, here’s a guide to using up cycled and vintage fabrics including how to wash them for second hand use!

If you’re in the market for new natural fibres like wool to sew your own Awhi Coats, here’s a round up of six local New Zealand and Australian fabric stores selling beautiful wools.


Firstly, let’s discuss fabric type, because wool can come in many forms and it can be hard to determine from photos what they might be suitable for!

  • Boiled: Heavy weight woven wool that has been boiled to create a felt type texture on each side. This binds the fibres together and creates more insulation.
  • Coating: Heavy weight woven wool that has been coated for optimal coat use, making it last longer, and more durable and weather resistant.
  • Melton: Heavy weight woven wool that has been felted on one side creating a slight fuzzy texture. This makes it reasonably weather proof and strong.
  • Tweed: Medium weight traditional wool that has been woven with a twill, herringbone or plain weave. Usually it will have other coloured fibres running through it for design.
  • Blends: Usually medium weight and containing a mixure of wool and other fibre (viscose, rayon etc). This will make the textile cheaper than 100% wool, but also more pliable and softer. If your Little’s have itchy issues, going for a blend might help!


Where to buy wool fabric nz

New Zealand’s premier boutique fabric and haberdashery store based in Greytown, Wairarapa. Miss Maude specialises in quality natural fibre dressmaking fabrics and sewing supplies to inspire you, the home sewer.

Miss Maude has a range wool fabrics, including boiled wool, coatings, tweed and more (check out their gauze wool for a winter linen replacement!)!

(New Zealand based (Greytown) – also ships to Australia and worldwide)


For Fabric’s Sake is a small town business in New Zealand that imports fabrics from around the world. They have a range of checks and boiled wool, and also offer custom fabric printing for those wanting something unique!

(New Zealand based (Levin) – also ships to Australia)


Where to buy wool fabric nz

A new partnership with over 50 years experience in the textiles trade, the Fine Cloth Company is intentionally small and curated.

They have a range of boiled wool, and blends (these tend to be cheaper and more pliable than their pure counter parts!)

(New Zealand based (Wellington) – also ships to Australia)


Where to buy wool fabric aus

Tessuti Fabrics has been a premier Australian fabric store for the past 30 years. They have a large selection of boiled wool, coatings, checks and more.

(Australian based (Sydney, Melbourne and online) – also ships worldwide)


Where to buy wool fabric aus

Potter and Co are a family business with 100 years in trade. They are a wholesaler to the retail market, who have recently made their textiles available to the home sewist.

Potter and Co have a large range of boiled wools, along with a large selection of checks that are particularly delightful!

(Australia based (Perth) – also ships worldwide)


Based in the Blue Mountains World Heritage area, Kylie and Clare are the duo behind Minerva’s Bower. They place a heavy emphasis on stocking beautiful natural fibres, and sustainably and ethically manufactured fabrics. They say they also specialise in fabrics which match their colder mountain weather.

So, it makes sense that they have pages of wool fabrics to choose from with lots of blends that keep the price lower than 100% wool.

(Australia based (Blue Mountains) – international orders should enquire for a shipping quote)

I can’t wait to see the textiles you sew up your Awhi Coats with – here’s to winter warmth and handmade snuggles! Share a picture of your finished Coat in our VIP Community on facebook, or use the tag #awhicoat !

Love and happy sewing,

Sophie x

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