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Using PDF sewing patterns

Guide to using PDF sewing patterns

A guide to using PDF sewing patterns and how to assemble them.


Below The Kōwhai digital sewing patterns offer well fitting patterns for Women and Children. Along with your sewing pattern (with seam allowances included) you’ll also receive a comprehensive photo tutorial to guide you in your sewing along the way.

Any level of sewing skills will be able to make our garments, they have been designed and taught with all levels in mind.

Below the Kōwhai offers traditional Paper Patterns, and PDF sewing patterns of our pattern collection.

If you selected a PDF version you will be emailed the files to print yourself. Included are:

  • Tutorial: A digital instruction booklet to guide you
  • A4/Letter: To be used with your home printer
  • A0/Copy Shop: Can be sent to your local printer, or an online sewing pattern printing biz for a large pattern sheet
  • Projector Files: Speciality files for those who use projectors to cut pattern pieces.


Once purchased, your pattern and tutorial will be instantly emailed to you. You can save these files to your computer or you can access them in the “My Downloads” section of this website any time, anywhere.


Click here for a comprehensive guide on printing your PDF sewing patterns.


  1. Lay out your pattern pieces on the floor in their number order. You’ll find the layout guide in your tutorial.
  2. Starting from the top, trim off the left edge of each bounding box on each pattern piece
  3. Align this with the quarter-circle in the corner of each bounding box.
Step 1

4. Tape (or glue) carefully in place so that the corners meet, and any pattern markings align along the edge.

Step 2

5. Complete the whole row from left to right and start on the next row underneath.

6. For the second, and consecutive rows, trim off the top of the bounding box, along with the left edges.

Step 3
Step 4

7. Meet all of the pages in the centre so the markings create a neat and even circle, and all the pattern markings match along the edges.

Step 5

That’s it! Easy peasy, right?

From here you can either trace off your pattern (some people like to do this so they can reuse the master again and again), or you can cut around your required size and use your pattern pieces to cut your fabric out!


Check out our FAQ, then email me on or jump into the VIP facebook community to ask any questions.

4 thoughts on “Using PDF sewing patterns

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  2. Is it possible to only print in the size you want to use?

    1. Hello!

      Most of our patterns use layers (some are still in the process of being updated with them). If the pattern has layers it will be mentioned in the product description.

      These can be used to select particular sizes to print.

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