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Using Bias Binding Tutorial

Create smooth finishes with enclosed seams with this bias binding tutorial.

We love the insides of our garments just as much as the outsides – that’s why some of our pattern’s have the option to finish your seam allowances with bias binding.

You’ll find this optional binding feature in our Kauri Dress, Rawe Top and Pipi Top sewing patterns.

Use this bias binding tutorial to learn how to join the raw binding edges neatly with the seams enclosed.

Jazz up the insides of your garments with binding that sparks joy – make your own DIY bias binding here, or buy it pre made at your local craft store.

Bias Binding Tutorial

Seam Allowance

Finish edges of seam allowance as per sewing tutorial

Attaching Binding

Open bias tape up, placing the raw edge against the edge of the seam allowance. Pin in place. 

Leave tail of binding approximately 25mm (1″) at each end.

Joining Bias Binding Tutorial

To join bias tape ends:

Lay the tape flat on the fabric to see where the ends meet, right sides together.

Pin the two tail ends, aligning side edges.

Sew vertically across the point where the tape meets, on the tape only (not the main fabric).

Trim excess tails.

Sewing Along Binding Edge

Using a normal stitch length, sew in the ditch of the groove closest to the raw edge.

Turning over Bias Binding

Press the bias tape upwards, over top of the stitching.

Inside of Kauri Dress with Binding

Fold bias tape over the seam allowance onto the other side. Pin in place.

Top stitch bias tape to the seam allowance, 3mm (1/8”) from the edge, stitching through all layers of the bias tape and seam allowance. 

As with most sewing skills, the more you pin and the more practice you do, the better your binding will become!

We would love to celebrate your beautiful garment insides with you! Come show us a picture in our VIP Community or tag us on Instagram @belowthekowhai

Love and happy sewing,
Sophie x

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