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Tui-Pai Dungaree Mashup

Use two of our most popular patterns to create this gorgeous dungaree mashup.

Thank you to Lucy Maybank for creating this tutorial for our Below The Kōwhai community.

To see more of Lucy’s sweet sewing visit @lucymakes_things on Instagram.

Tui Pai Dungaree Mashup

This mash up of the Tui Pinafore and Pai Shorts makes a great cold weather alternative to the pinafore, great for little people to get out and play in!


Fabric Stack

Gather your main and lining fabric, interfacing and notions.

Print out both the Tui and Pai PDF patterns.

If you’d like to save paper you can skip printing the skirt of the Tui pinafore by omitting pages 3, 7, 8, 10 & 11.

You will need the following pattern pieces:

Tui – Bodice Front, waist front, waist back and straps.

Tui Pinafore pattern pieces

Pai –Shorts front, shorts back and inseam pocket if using.

Pai Shorts pattern pieces

Lengthen the Pai Shorts

Tracing Pai Shorts

To make the Pai shorts into pants you will need a pair of pants that fit your little one well.

Attach some scrap paper – I like to use the front page with the test square and the offcuts from the pattern – to the bottom of the front and back of the shorts.

Using the pair of pants as a guide, taper the legs to your liking remembering to add seam allowance of 1 cm (3/8″) along the sides and a hem allowance.

If you would like to use elastic around the hem of the legs, measure the width of the elastic you’re using and then add at least 1/2cm to fold over to form a casing. If you would like to omit the elastic simply add a hem allowance of 2cm to fold over twice and stitch.

Dungaree Mashup

As the Tui is designed to sit high on the waist and the Pai lower on the waist, you will need to extend the rise of the pants. Add 2.5 – 5cm depending on the height of your little one,  to the top of the short pattern pieces.

Extended Pai Shorts pattern pieces

You’re now ready to cut out your fabric!

Assemble Your Dungaree Mashup

Tui Pinafore bodice

Follow instructions 1-9 in the Tui Pinafore tutorial to assemble the bodice.

Pai Shorts trousers

Follow instructions 1-12 in the Pai Shorts tutorial to assemble pants.

Measure back waist width

Measure the back of the pants once joined, add side seam allowance to measurement.

Adjust waist band to size
Tui Pinafore bodice

Using this measurement trim the back waistband to size and attach to front bodice as outlined in step 10 of the Tui Tutorial.

Gather waist

Following steps 14 – 23 of the Tui tutorial gather the front of the pants and attach to the bodice.

Try the overalls on your little person, marking where to place the buttons and buttonholes and check the pant length.

Tui Pai Dungaree Mashup

Make the buttonholes, sew on your buttons and hem the pants as desired.

Tui Pai Dungaree Mashup

And you’re done!

Tui Pai Dungaree Mashup

Pair these up with a long sleeve Kea top and an Awhi Coat for a perfect cozy winter outfit!

Back View, dungaree mashup

Thanks for the Tui Pai mashup Lucy! Don’t forget to show us your Tui Pai hacks in our VIP Community on Facebook or tag us on Instagram!

Love and happy sewing,
Sophie x

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