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Tipa Dungaree Skirt Hack

Follow this Tipa Dungaree hack to create your own on-trend Tipa Skirt using only the existing pattern pieces!

Thank you to Rachel Slimmon for creating this tutorial for our Below The Kōwhai community.

To see more of Rachel’s beautiful sewing visit @royalrabbitcreations on Instagram.

Tipa Dungaree Hack skirt

Ever since I saw the Tipa Dungaree pattern I have been dreaming of creating a skirt hack.

Firstly, grab your copy of the Tipa Dungarees from the Below the Kōwhai pattern collection, available in your choice of PDF download or paper pattern.

Tipa Dungaree Hack – Pattern Pieces

When I hack a pattern, I like to take the time to get this part right. A little extra time here makes for such an easier sew.

Tipa Dungaree sewing pattern by Below the Kowhai


First, take your front pattern piece.

With a ruler draw a straight line continuing down from the centre front seam.

Tipa Dungaree sewing pattern by Below the Kowhai


Next, take your back piece.

From the rear back notch, with a ruler, draw a straight line down so it meets, and is perpendicular, with the hem line.

TIP: If you would like your skirt to be slightly flared, draw this line at a slight angle.

Tipa Dungaree sewing pattern by Below the Kowhai


I like to fold my changes out of the way along these new lines to save paper and make it a multi view pattern.

Alterations done!! Easy peasy!! All other pattern pieces remain unchanged.

Sew the Tipa Skirt

Tipa Dungaree hack into skirt


Cut out all your pattern pieces and follow the main Tipa Dungaree tutorial to construct your Tipa Skirt.

The only difference in sewing is that the centre front and back seams are now in a straight line instead of curved, and there’s no need to complete the crotch step!

Finished Tipa Dungaree sewing pattern by Below the Kowhai


Complete your Tipa Skirt!


Tipa Skirt sewing pattern by Below the Kōwhai

Congratulations! One pattern, two ways!

I hope your little person enjoys wearing their Tipa Skirt!

Thanks for the Tipa skirt hack Rachel! Show us your Tipa skirt hacks in our VIP Community on Facebook or tag us on Instagram!

Love and happy sewing,
Sophie x

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