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Scrap Busting Scrunchie Tutorial

Follow this Scrunchie Tutorial to create the perfect hair accessory to coordinate with all your Below the Kōwhai makes.

Thank you to Brittany Wood for creating this tutorial for our Below The Kōwhai community.

To see more of Brittany’s work you can follow her on Instagram at @woodfamilyphotography or be inspired and support her local business @maddisonandco and @izzy.and.moo

Prepare Fabric

Cut fabric

Step 1:

Cut fabric and elastic:

Fabric cut 1: 60cm x 12cm (23” x 5”)
Elastic cut 1: 18cm x 0.5cm / 1cm (as preferred) (7” x 1/4” / 1/2″)

fold fabric for scrunchie

Step 2:

With right sides together, fold the fabric in half so the short ends meet, sew short ends together with 1cm (½”) seam allowance.

sew right sides together

Step 3:

Move the seam to the middle and press seams open.

Scrunchie Tutorial
Scrunchie Tutorial

Step 4:

Fold the top layer in towards the middle, then fold the outer layer right sides together so that the top layer is sandwiched in the middle.

Scrunchie Tutorial
Scrunchie Tutorial
Scrunchie Tutorial
Scrunchie Tutorial

Step 5:

Sew along the outer layer with a 1cm (½”) seam allowance, being careful not to catch the layer in the middle.

As you go sew along, slowly pull the middle out so it becomes the outer layer.

Keep sewing until you are nearly at the place you started. Leave a gap with enough space to turn the fabric through 4-5cm (1 ½ to 2”).

Backstitch to secure.

Insert Elastic and Secure:

Scrunchie Tutorial

Step 6:

Pull the fabric through the gap until it is all out and resembles a circular tube.

insert elastic into scrunchie
Pull elastic through
Tie off elastic

Step 7:

Attach your elastic to a safety pin and thread through the tube, making sure you hold the other end.

Once threaded through you can either tie the ends together (I do this for 0.5cm (¼”) elastic) or overlap the ends by 1cm (½”) and zigzag stitch to secure.

Top stitch to close the gap

Step 8:

Topstitch the gap to close.

Scrunchie Tutorial

You are finished! Congratulations!

Thanks for the scrunchie tutorial Brittany! How cute would a Kauri Dress and matching scrunchie be?! Yes please! We can’t wait to see how you co-ordinate your favourite BTK sewing patterns with matching scrunchies!

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Love and happy sewing,
Sophie x

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  1. Just made my first scrunchie from this tutorial – I’m in love 😉 It’s been decades since I made scrunchies for my daughter and now I’m sewing for granddaughters! This was such an easy method – it’s a bit hard to visualise how it comes together, the first time. But … have faith and keep stitching those edges, and watch the magic happen. This scrunchie is the beginning of a co-ordinated BTK outfit (Pipi plus Pai)…but I guarantee I’ll be making many more of them 🙂

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