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Projector Sewing

Projector Sewing NZ

Save time on pattern assembly by converting to Projector Sewing! Here’s what our specialty files feature::

Projector Sewing NZ

Gowri’s Projector Sewing set up

What is Projector Sewing?

Projector Sewing is using a ceiling mounted projector to shine the pattern pieces directly on to your fabric.

You can then cut the pattern pieces out directly, without needing to print, assemble or trace your digital sewing patterns.

This essentially saves time (pattern assembly/tracing), printing costs and paper / ink.

How are these patterns different?

Many Projector Sewists have been using A0’s for the last few years, but we’ve listened to their wants and dreams about the perfect specialty projector file.

There are many more features that can serve the projector uses with convienience that an A0 doesn’t offer.

We’ve listened and come up with our own specialty file, just for projectors!

Moving forward, will be offering our speciality Projector Files with our new sewing patterns, and updating our older patterns as we move through them.

Our Projector Sewing Files include:

  • Space around the outside of the file so you can scroll around and achieve perfect placement
  • 1″ and 5cm grids to help you calibrate your zoom size
  • Grids in each corner to help you calibrate your zoom size
  • Pattern pieces running in grain line direction (horizontal) to help you manoeuvre the pattern pieces on fabric wid
  • Large thick pattern lines that are easily visible
  • Oversize text for visibility
  • Reflected pattern pieces that are usually “cut on the fold” so you can cut them in a single layer
  • “Start” and “End” of pattern markings

Below the Kōwhai Patterns Available for Projector Sewing

So far we have released specialty projector files for our:

(last updated 07/09/2022)

Over time we will be working our way through our pattern collection to add specialty projector files and will update this list as a running record!

A big thank you to Gowri Paary who consulted on our projector file specifications and helped us serve the sewing community! Check out her Instagram feed for family sewing with lots of colour!

Come and join us in our VIP Community on Facebook or tag us on Instagram! We can’t wait to see your Makes!

Love and happy sewing,
Sophie x

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