• Free Cat Bag sewing pattern by Below the Kowhai
  • Free Pattern Little Friends Cat Bag
  • Free Pattern Little Friends Cat Bag
  • Free Pattern Little Friends Cat Bag
  • Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 9.12.35 PM
  • Free Pattern Little Friends Cat Bag
  • Free Pattern Little Friends Cat Bag
  • Free Pattern Little Friends Cat Bag
  • Free Pattern Little Friends Cat Bag
  • Free Pattern Little Friends Cat Bag
  • Free Pattern Little Friends Cat Bag
  • Free Pattern Little Friends Cat Bag
  • Free Pattern Little Friends Cat Bag

Little Cat Friends Bag

(31 customer reviews)


Children’s sizes 1-10 *PDF digital download*

Treasure holding friends for your little ones.

With this free sewing pattern and tutorial you will be able to create the cutest cat bag you ever did see! I’m not even kitten!


Create a Little Cat Friend with this free sewing pattern and tutorial from Below the Kōwhai, or upgrade to a whole collection of Pet Friends with the Little Pet Friends Bag.

The Little Cat Friends Bag is the perfect companion for your little person and will make a great gift for others! However, be warned, if you make one you might have to make a whole litter!

You will be guided step by step through the process to create your own Little Cat Friend Bag including embroidery detailing and sweet pointy ears. If you’re new to these sewing skills you will be in safe hands, the instructions and included photos have been created with beginners in mind.

That’s what Below the Kōwhai patterns are all about – simple patterns with great instructions that have you sewing to the highest standard, no matter what your sewing level is.

Please enjoy this free sewing pattern from Below the Kōwhai and look out for more animal friends in the future!

  • Instant PDF download of pattern and full tutorial
  • Children’s sizes 1-10
  • Fully lined, box bottom bag with flap
  • Embroidered Cat detailing and ears
  • Velcro closure
  • Twill tape strap (or heading, herringbone, webbing tape)
  • PDF includes: A4/Letter pattern for you to print at home
  • Full tutorial, photos and support to help you create this bag
Sewing Level:

The Little Friends Bag has been designed with beginners in mind. In fact if you can sew in a straight line and find the zig zag stitch on your machine then this is for you!

You’ll love the sweet ears together with the embroidered cat face. You will find full instructions and an embroidery guide within the tutorial to take you step by step through the process. Give it a go and you will gain some new skills!

Estimated time:
30-60 minutes Embroidery
30-60 minutes Sewing

Fabric Suggestions:

As this is semi structured, interfaced and lined bag, look for light to medium weight fabrics that can be easily pressed to create nice edges rather than bulky fabrics which may be hard to sew through many layers.

Suggested Fabrics: Cottons, voile, lawn, linen and linen blends, chambray and light denims, and anything similar that catches your eye!

With this in mind, shop from your stash as you only need a small amount of fabric for this project!

Fabric and Notions Required:

Bag Main .25m (9.8”):
Medium weight fabrics: cotton, linen, quilting cotton, chambray etc.

Lining .25m (9.8”):
Light weight fabrics: cotton, poly cotton, voile, lawn etc.

Interfacing .25m (9.8”):
Iron on interfacing in a similar weight to your main fabric.

Small piece of wool or acrylic felt in a co-ordinating colour.

Cotton Tape:
(also known as heading, twill, webbing or herringbone tape depending on your country)
2cm (0.7”) wide in the colour of your choice.


  • Co-ordinating sewing thread.
  • 1.5m (1.6 yard) x 6 strand embroidery cotton in black or co-ordinating colour.
  • 3cm (2.5”) length x 2.5cm (1”) width sew-in velcro.
  • Scissors, pins, needle.
  • Optional small embroidery hoop (10-15cm). Because the fabric is interfaced you may find you don’t need a hoop to secure your fabric as you stitch which is why it is optional.
What You Get When You Purchase:

This is a free pattern in a PDF digital download. You will be taken through the website checkout and when completed you will receive the digital pattern and tutorial files in your email inbox.

Additionally, these downloads will also be available in the “My Downloads” section of this website when you are logged in. This is where the most updated version of your purchases will be. In the future I may revise this pattern and slightly alter it. If you’re sewing in the future, check back for the latest version.

The pattern is 4 pages long in black and white and can be printed on A4 or US Letter paper on your home computer and then assembled for use.

You will also receive a comprehensive tutorial with instructions, photos and tips to guide you in your sewing of this Little Friends Cat Bag. Please view this tutorial on your device or computer to save the trees!

What’s a PDF?

A digital document viewable in Mac Preview or Adobe Acrobat Reader. In brief, you will be able to save, view and print these documents an unlimited number of times. To learn more about PDF Digital Sewing Patterns, check out this handy blog post: Using PDF Digital Sewing Patterns.

Returns and Support

This is a free sewing pattern! It has been thoroughly tested and I know you will love your finished product! In any event you feel you need additional help along the way I offer comprehensive online support to those who are sewing! You can contact me on Facebook, Instagram and email, and you can expect a prompt reply! I will endeavour to help you in any way I can.


Additional information


A4/Letter Pattern, PDF Pattern


Embroidery Patterns, Play, Sewing Patterns


Childrens, Unisex

31 reviews for Little Cat Friends Bag

  1. thefabricmamma (verified owner)

    This is the most adorable little bag and my kids absolutely love theirs (even my 5 yo boy! lol) Gorgeous design and a very user friendly tutorial! I can see this becoming my go-to bag pattern and perfect for birthday gifts. Thanks Sohpie, we love it!

  2. liz.spencer

    This was a fun way to use up some smaller pieces of fabric in my stash & I was delighted with the result. I hadn’t done much embroidery before but the cat face was a simple project with very clear instructions.

  3. Amy Chiles (verified owner)

    This pattern is a great stash-buster and is purr-fect for last minute birthday gifts! The instructions are easy to follow and if you don’t have any embroidery thread then 3 strands of normal thread does the trick too. I am looking forward to other Little Friend additions to add to our collection!

  4. Naomi Hilliam (verified owner)

    Loved this pattern, such a fun sew and the end result is super cute. I’ve never done any embroidery before but the instructions were very clear and easy to follow, and I so enjoyed it! My little one loves her new “meow bag”.

  5. erin28casey (verified owner)

    My new favourite pattern!!!! Easy to follow tutorial and everything I needed was in my stash! Can’t wait to sew lots more??

  6. Gabrielle McCarthy

    I was lucky enough to test this wee bag and it’s wee recipient loved it, Purrrfect for treasures and just the right size to make from little scraps of fabric you treasure too. I can see each dress I make now may need a matching bag.

  7. primabellecreations (verified owner)

    I had the pleasure of testing this pattern and it was such a fun sew. My daughter LOVES her kitty bag and takes it everywhere. It’s a great scrapbuster!

  8. nancy.sheridan (verified owner)

    This is a gorgeous pattern! The instructions are easy to follow and the result is amazing! Looks like professionally sewn bag and this is the first ever bag I’ve made! My daughter absolutely loves it too! It’s perfect for fitting all of her treasures of the day into it! I can see many more Little Friends Bags in our future!!!

  9. lucy_jul (verified owner)

    The cat bag is an incredibly fun and cute sew! The well thought out instructions leave no room for confusion. I am not proficient with embroidery but the guide made it very easy and I now have confidence to tackle more complex stitches! I will definitely be trying other patterns,

  10. becky.a.petty (verified owner)

    I’ve only ever made one other bag but the instructions made this one a total breeze. I love that it incorporated embroidery, I find it so meditative. Most importantly, my little miss enjoys packing her treasures to take on adventures!

  11. kelseyrossfam (verified owner)

    Super easy to follow instructions and so pleased with the finished product! You can’t go wrong 🙂

  12. laurencollier (verified owner)

    Such a great patternfor beginners like me, very clear instructions!! my little girl loves her kitty bag and I’m currently stocking up on fabric so I can make one each for my nieces! I’m so pleased!

  13. anna.jem.smith (verified owner)

    Brilliant little bag, and perfect for using any scraps hanging around!

  14. philippa.fergusson (verified owner)

    A fun and sweet project. I am a true beginner seer and found the pattern easy to follow and the pictures helped me to ensure I was doing it right. I was going to skip the embroidery as it sounded hard…but I’m so glad I gave it a go! It was simple and now I know a few stitches! I feel proud of making such a sweet and professionally finished bag for my daughter, I will absolutely make more for her cousins. Thanks for the free pattern, I used scraps of fabric so this project was a great budget friendly gift for my daughter. Cant wait to try the Tui next.

  15. shona.riddell (verified owner)

    Thanks for this cute pattern, my daughter is very happy with her new bag! I will definitely be using this pattern again for kids’ birthday presents.

  16. nicolacleach (verified owner)

    Such a cute pattern, I can’t believe it’s free, thank you! I need to make the rest of the little pet bags now!

  17. anna.chapman6 (verified owner)

    I love this pattern, super easy to follow and it gave me the confidence to try embroidery for the first time which I love! Gorgeous end result

  18. avril_nicolle (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved this pattern! Fabulous instructions for a free pattern! Thank you for such a sweet and fast project! I cannot wait to use up the horse verison!

  19. theresadonnelly25 (verified owner)

    Such a sweet little bag! I knew this was perfect for my granddaughter as soon as I saw it because she just adores cats ☺️. I loved embroidering the face, it really came alive then! Thanks so much for this wonderful free pattern x

  20. Marion Gibbs (verified owner)

    A very cute little bag with well written, easy to follow instructions! My granddaughter will love it! I can see me making many more!

  21. Katie Fisher (verified owner)

    Enjoyed making this darling pattern. Made it fir our granddaughter who is 1 1/2 yrs old and is crazy for kitties. She lived and wants to wear it all the time. Fast and fun to make.

  22. Anura Wadia (verified owner)

    I recently started making bags and came across this cute cat bag pattern on Pinterest.
    I love the instructions, the whole tutorial is very well written and easy to follow, I was very happy with my finished bag..will be making some more.

  23. vinceandjess1 (verified owner)

    Thank you for the free pattern! This was a lovely sew and simple enough for my daughter to make her own. Love your detailed instructions and good patterns – nothing is overlooked.

  24. kylie.rick (verified owner)

    Can’t believe it took me so long to get around to sewing one of these little beauties! It was quick to sew, with clear and simple instructions and pictures. Super fun!

  25. Victoria Rhind (verified owner)

    Never made anything from a pattern before. Easy to follow instructions with helpful photos. Too cute.

  26. Angela SIMMONS (verified owner)

    This is a great pattern. I am pretty new to sewing. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. Have just made a beautiful little bag for my 7 year old for her birthday. I am going to make another one for the “pass the parcel” present. I think this may become a great present for the next few kids birthdays that we get invited to. Thanks.

  27. rachelslimmon (verified owner)

    Who doesn’t love a free pattern?!? And it’s the BEST!!! With or without the cat face embroidery it makes the cutest gift. I sewed 24 as party bags for my daughters birthday.

  28. Amy RIchardson (verified owner)

    Made this today as a total beginner, thought I would see if the tutorials are easy before I bought a different pattern. Instructions were so easy to follow and my daughter is so happy with her little bag. I cant believe I actually made it! Cant wait to make more and mix up the fabrics, such lovely wee gifts, cant wait to make some clothes now too!

  29. Barb Kreider (verified owner)

    I love this pattern! I made 2 kitty bags already and number 3 is being worked on now. Thank you so much for the adorable FREE pattern!

  30. Dulce Hernandez (verified owner)

    Thanks for this FREE pattern!! It was easy to follow and it is so cute. I wonder what my 1yr old is going to put in it but I can just imagine. Now I want the other animals definitely going to make more. Please download this pattern if you haven’t. I’m a beginner and this explains very well all the steps needed.

  31. Jenna Evans (verified owner)

    What a fabulous pattern! It’s a nice easy and really enjoyable sew that’s perfect for using up fabric scraps and remnants. The instructions are very clear and the result is impressive for what feels like little effort. I’ll definitely be whipping this one up again for birthday party gifts!

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