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Pet Friends Sew Along Round Up

Below the Kowhai Pet Bag sew along

Thank you for joining in last weeks Pet Friends Bag Sew Along! Here is a round up of all things Pet Friends! 

We had 63 sewers participating in this round of the Pet Friends Sew Along (our biggest sew along yet!), which meant a lot of chats about new ideas, hacking patterns, embroidery thoughts and lots of encouragement towards each other! It was a great week and a joy for me to see everyone joining together in their love of sewing!

Each day during the Pet Friends Sew Along an email was sent to their inbox with a set of daily sew-structions, a top tip (sewing with kids, pattern hack ideas and embroidery) and a daily conversation prompt.

I told the sew along participants that I would be awarding spot prizes throughout the week. I had some ideas about what I was looking out for before the sew along started and sewers could be in the running for these by joining in the daily prompts in our VIP Community. Winners are announced at the end of this post.

Lets see the finished Pet Friends Bags that we’ve seen in the VIP Community so far!

Below the Kowhai Pet Friends Bag sew along

L – R: Alaina Sims, Megan Eliza Ross, Rebekah Fraser

Below the Kowhai Pet Friends Bag sew along

Kaitlin Waples, Megan Eliza Ross, Lois Windsor

Below the Kowhai Pet Friends Bag sew along

Ann Andrews, Maria Doohan, Sian Lisa Currin Steel

Below the Kowhai Pet Friends Bag sew along

Tanya Vukovljak, Angela Schade, Hanie Noor, Shona Riddle

Below the Kowhai Pet Friends Bag sew along

Bec Salter, Angela Schade, Kaitlin Waples


Love what you see? Get your own Pet Friends Bag sewing pattern with 6 furry friends included here.

Spot Prizes for the Pet Friends Sew Along

Congratulations to everyone who joined in over the week of the sew-along! I trust that you and your children will love their new new bags! Isn’t it so great to finish a project and reap the rewards and satisfaction!

If you didn’t managed to finish your Pet Friend in the sew along, no worries! The sew along is all about enjoying the process of sewing, if anything I hope that it might have inspired you or sparked a little flicker of creativity to get your creating-on when you are able to!

For encouraging comments: Congratulations Lois Windsor! It was a real joy to see Lois interacting with other sewers and share her progress through photos! I loved to watch you design your own version of the Pet Friends bag and create a sweet unicorn using your clever cutting technology! Sew alongs are all about community (in my eyes) and I think you perfectly embodied that spirit throughout the week! Even when your Grandchildren came to visit and you needed to put your pet bag away to keep it a surprise, you still interacted with other sew along members and spurred them on! Thank you for joining us this week Lois! To say thank you I would love to gift you a free Awhi Coat pattern, it’s our newest sewing pattern just released and I think you will love sewing it for your grandchildren!

Great Upcycle: Congratulations Alaina Sims! I loved seeing your upcycled hanky turned into a fabulous flap on the Pet Bag! I think it’s great when people are able to use a pattern and make it their own. It’s stunning! To say thank you I would love to gift you a free Tui Pinafore pattern – it’s our most popular pattern and it will go nicely with the rest of our patterns you have collected over the last 1.5years!

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Love and happy sewing,
Sophie x

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