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mānuka skirt sew along round up


Thank you for joining in last weeks Mānuka Skirt Sew Along! Here is a round up of all things Mānuka! 

We had 45 sewers participating in this round of the Mānuka Skirt Sew Along, which meant a lot of chats about new ideas, questions about fabric and lots of encouragement towards each other! It was a great week and a joy for me to co-ordinate and join in! If you have any feedback about participating in the sew along and how it could be better in the future please email me on – I would love to have your input on future sew alongs!

Each day during the Mānuka Skirt Sew Along an email was sent to their inbox with a set of daily sew-structions, a top tip (sewing with kids, elastic, waist band tutorial video) and a daily conversation prompt.

I told the sew along participants that I would be awarding spot prizes throughout the week. I had some ideas about what I was looking out for before the sew along started and sewers could be in the running for these by joining in the daily prompts in our VIP Community. Winners are announced at the end of this post.

Lets see the finished skirts that we’ve seen in the VIP Community so far!

The Finished Skirts

Top L-R: Anna Agnew, Toni Thatcher*
Bottom L-R: Narelle Key, Wendy Symmans

*A special welcome back to Toni who ended up breaking her arm half way through our last sew along! It was great to have you join us again!

Top L-R: Julie vanderStar, Lu’isa Tsang-Yum
Bottom L-R: Rebecca Newman, Wendy Symmans

Top L-R: Ros Thornbury, Emily Smith
Bottom L-R: Emily Smith, Emily Smith

Top L-R: Erin Simmich, Joanne Domoney (hacked pattern into pleats!)
Bottom L-R: Julie Jenkins, Erin Simmich

Top L-R: Jocelyn Buggie, Joanne Domoney
Bottom L-R: Rebecca Kirkman, Andie McDonald (a whole family of Mānuka Skirts!)

Top L-R: Lys Sip, Anna McDonald
Bottom L-R: Megan Ross, Tathra Pitson

Spot Prizes for the Mānuka Skirt Sew Along

Congratulations to everyone who joined in over the week of the sew-along! I trust that you and your children will love their new skirts!

If you didn’t managed to finish your Mānuka Skirt in the sew along, no worries! The sew along is all about enjoying the process of sewing, if anything I hope that it might have inspired you or sparked a little flicker of creativity to get your creating when you are able to!

For encouraging comments: Congratulations Megan Ross! I loved to see you interact with other sewers with lots of heart eyes emojis (my favourite), questions and encouragement! Megan Created 2 Mānuka Skirts this week along with 3 Little Cat Bags (our free pattern), including 2 upsized adult ones for herself and her mum! She’s been busy! Megan, thanks so much for joining in so completely this week and grasping the spirit of the Mānuka Skirt sew along! To say thank you I would love to gift you a free Tui Pinafore pattern, it’s our most popular pattern and I think you and your girl will love it!

Fastest Skirt: Congratulations Wendy Symmans! I couldn’t go past Wendys 2 skirts she whipped up over a night and morning for her girls (Picture #4)! Wendy started to prepare the skirts for the sew along and then whoops, they were finished! I love that about the Mānuka Skirt, it’s so fast! Wendy then carried on to sew a corduroy skirt throughout the week with a fabulous use of unicorn buttons (Picture #8). Wendy, to say thank you I would love to gift you the Little Pet Friends Bag collection of 6 furry friends. I see you’re in New Zealand (like me!) so I would love to post you some fabric to get you started on your pets! I think your daughters will love them!

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2 thoughts on “mānuka skirt sew along round up

  1. Hi, I’ve purchased the Manuka and Tui after the sew alongs were hosted and wondered if there is anyway to view the daily tips and tricks retrospectively. Are they available as blog posts?

    Thanks for your help,


    1. HI Victoria! Unfortunately they were exclusive sew alongs and you had to be within them to access the content! If you check your Mānuka pattern and also search your emails you’ll find a link to a secret video on the waist band 🙂

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