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How to use Dungaree Clips

How to use Dungaree Clips

Attach and thread your dungaree clips with this easy tutorial

How to use Dungaree Clips

Our Dungaree Clips are available in a silver or bronze colour-way and are 38mm wide – perfect for our Adult Tipa Dungarees or Children’s Tipa Dungarees.

Each set comes as a pair, 2 of everything needed for your Dungarees!

How to use Dungaree Clips


Poke small spike through placement of button from the WRONG side.

If your fabric is tightly woven you may need a sharp awl to poke the hole through first. However, the spike is very sharp and it will push through most fabrics.

How to use Dungaree Clips


From the RIGHT SIDE, place the button on top of the exposed spike.

Hammering Dungaree Button


Flip garment over so the button is face down.

Using a firm surface underneath, hammer down the spike so that it is secure in the button.

Threading Dungaree Strap


On the RIGHT SIDE of the strap: Thread the strap through the top of the dungaree clip so that the top bar is showing.

How to use Dungaree Clips


Thread that strap over the centre bar and back through the clip, so that the strap is now underneath the head of the clip.

How to use Dungaree Clips


Ease out the centre loop of the strap.

How to use Dungaree Clips


Wind the strap through the centre bar, and back through the top opening.

Pull taught.

Slide the centre bar upwards to lock in place.

I can’t wait to see your Tipa Dungarees!

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Love and happy sewing,
Sophie x

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