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How to add a faux drawstring

Pai Shorts sewing pattern by Below the Kowhai

Here’s how you can add a faux drawstring to your sewing for all of the credit with none of the work!

A Faux drawstring can be added to elasticated garments after they are sewn. They make handmade garments look legit, without any of the work that comes with adding a real drawstring!

They look great on our Tio Trousers , Pai Shorts and Mānuka Skirt sewing patterns – and anything else with a waist band!

Pai Shorts Sewing Pattern by Below the Kōwhai with faux drawstring
Pai Shorts sewn by Kristin Sullivan

You will need:

  • Twill tape (or use desired notion in it’s place)
    A 50cm (20”) length of 13mm (1/3”) twill tape for a child’s proportions

How to add a faux drawstring:

  1. Fold under twice and sew short ends of twill tape to enclose raw edges OR knot ends for a frayed look.
  2. Place in centre of waist band (In line with front seam if it’s a trouser garment)
  3. Zig zag stitch vertically across the twill tape whilst pulling the elastic taut.
  4. Tie bow and enjoy!
How to add a faux drawstring to your sewing

Easy, right!? Faux drawstrings for everything!

Have you added a faux drawstring to your handmade garments? Let us know!

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Love and happy sewing,

Sophie x

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