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frequently asked questions FAQ

Below The Kowhai Window Display 7

Have you got a question? You might find the answer here in our FAQ frequently asked questions:

Below The Kowhai Window Display 7

I’m just learning to sew, what should I get first?

Yay! Start with The Mānuka Skirt, It’s got a lot of techniques that will carry over into other patterns, and you’ll love the finished result!


Our PDF sewing patterns come with a digital instruction booklet with coloured photographs to guide you step by step through the Making process. Some of our patterns also include video tutorials.

We offer A4/Letter, A0/Copy Shop and Specialty projector files on most of our patterns.

Additionally, we also offer traditional printed paper patterns on selected patterns.

Check each pattern listing’s features to confirm which format you prefer and if it’s included.

New to Projector Sewing? See what features our specialty projector files include here.

I’ve got the pattern, now what?

Congratulations! Have a read over the first few pages in your tutorial; That will tell you about the size, supplies, fabric and a little about printing and assembling the pattern.

A4/Letter to be used for home print. A0/Copy shop to be sent to your local printer. Or, Projector files used by those who use projectors to cut their patterns out.

Click here for more about printing your PDF sewing pattern.

Click here for more about assembling and using your PDF sewing pattern.

New to Projector Sewing? See what features our specialty projector files include here.

What is the fit and sizing like?

Our size charts and measurements are based on Standard UK Measurement guides. These might appear different to the sizes you usually sew or buy for your child or yourself! Never the less, please base your sewing off our charts because the garments have been designed for them!

Eek, I’ve lost my pattern / it’s not in my inbox!?

It might be in your spam folder! But not to worry, you’ll find it in “My Downloads” on this website when you’re logged in!

I bought the pattern a while ago and now the links in my first email don’t seem to be working any more?

That means I’ve updated the pattern since you purchased it! You’ll find the latest version in “My Downloads” on this website.

What happens if a pattern is updated?

This means I’ve made little tweaks to make it even better – some times I make adjustments to the instructions, add customer photos for inspiration, updated formats (like our new Projector Files!) or anything else I think will make it better. You’ll get instant access to this new version in “My Downloads” (thats where all the latest patterns are!).

Can I sell clothes I make from your patterns?

Yes! Small, home-based business’ are more than welcome to create and sell garments from my patterns! Please credit Below The Kōwhai on the website description, swing tag, and where appropriate.

Sign up to be a BTK seller here.

I’d love to support you!

Can I share this pattern with my bestie?


If you love this pattern and want to share it with the world, please link them to the sales page so they can buy their own copy.

I am a stay at home Mum starting a small business, please respect my copyright and help a sister out!

Whats your refund / privacy and support policy?

You can read more about our refund, privacy and support policy here.

In short, because this is a digital pattern and can’t  be returned, we cannot offer refunds, unless on some fault of our own. Please choose carefully to ensure you are purchasing the correct pattern.

In lieu of returns I offer online support to those who are sewing! You can contact me on Facebook, Instagram and email, and you can expect a prompt reply! I will endeavour to help you in any way I can.

What does “Kōwhai” mean and how do I pronounce it?

Kōwhai is a Māori word from New Zealand used to name a tree that flowers with yellow dangling blooms in spring. The Kōwhai Tree has little rows of tiny leaves that children in New Zealand love to strip and throw in the air!

Fittingly, it is also the Māori word for the colour yellow.

I named my pattern company “Below the Kōwhai” because my sunlit dining area where I sewed had a beautiful Kōwhai tree hanging over it.

To pronounce it: The ō is a long vowel.
Kō (like apple core)
wh (f sound)
ai (eye)

You can listen to Kōwhai being pronounced here.

How do you Test your patterns?

Our patterns are thoroughly tested by sewers from all around the world in all of the sizes we provide. Testing is an essential part of the development process and we take it very seriously! You can apply to join the testing team here.

How can I find out about new patterns, sales and giveaways?

Come and join us in our VIP Community, and sign up to the Makers File monthly email. It’s all the best bits from BTK you might have missed over the last month!

I need some help?

No worries! Feel free to email me any time on or jump into our Below The Kōwhai Community on Facebook and ask the group any questions!

Love and happy sewing,
Sophie x

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