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Dungaree Strap Loop Hack

Strap loop hack Tipa Dungarees

Create a strap loop for your Adult and Children’s Tipa Dungarees!

Thank you to Sharaine Talip for creating this tutorial for our Below The Kowhai sewing community.

To see more of Sharaine’s beautiful sewing visit @head.hearth.hands or @anak.the.label on Instagram

This tutorial was written to show how to create fabric strap loops for the women’s Tipa Dungarees, but it could also be adapted for the children’s Tipa Dungarees.

Get your sewing pattern’s here:

Adult Tipa Dungarees + Children’s Tipa Dungarees

Strap Loop Hack Tipa Dungarees

Adjusting Pattern Pieces

For this hack, it’s handy to plan ahead and make sure you have added the necessary length to the straps for your dungarees.

I added 25 cm (10″) to mine which left enough allowance for a nice hanging strap.

Strap loop hack Tipa Dungarees

You will also need to create an extra pattern piece for the fabric strap loops.

I suggest 19cm x 6cm (7 1/2″ x 2 3/8″)

2cm (3/4″) either end will be stitched into the bodice, plus a 1cm (3/8″) seam allowance on the long edges.

Strap Loop Hack Tipa Dungarees

Cut out all main and lining pattern pieces as per tutorial, including added strap length and two strap loops pieces.

Folding the Strap Loops

Sewing Loop for tipa dungarees


To construct the two strap loops, fold over 1cm (3/8″) on each long edge and press.

Fold strap loops Tipa Dungarees


Fold in half again to match up the long edges, press and pin in place.

Fold strap loops Tipa Dungarees


Top stitch closely to the edge, ensuring you catch all layers of the fabric.

Stitch along the long closed edge for a symmetrical finish.

Repeat for the other strap.

Attaching Strap Loops

Add Loop to Tipa Dungarees bodice


Construct the dungarees and follow all steps in the pattern until Step 18.

Before proceeding onto Step 19, lay the two strap loops upside down on the right side of the bodice main fabric. Ensure they are evenly spaced (2cm (3/4″) in from each edge or as desired) and the bottom edge of the loops lined up with the top of the main bodice.

Pin loops to hold in place. Alternatively, you can pin the loops to sit 1cm (3/8″) above the top of the main bodice or adjust as necessary for desired fit.

Tipa Dungarees bodice
Tipa Dungarees Bodice


Once you’re happy with the spacing and length of the straps, continue with Step 19 and lay the lining fabric right side together with the main to create a “sandwich” for the bodice main, loops and bodice lining.

Pin and sew as per tutorial instructions.

Continue with the rest of the instructions until Step 32. Top stitch the straps and bodice as per pattern instructions.

Strap Loops


To topstitch the straps on the front of the bodice, measure 2cm (3/4″) from the top of the bodice main and mark with tailor’s chalk.

Using a ruler and two pins placed parallel to the strap loops, draw even diagonal lines from each corner with tailor’s chalk, stopping at the 2cm (3/8″) line.

Repeat for the other strap.

Sew diagonal lines on Tipa Dungarees


Top stitch a rectangle with two diagonal lines (they will look like an “X” inside a rectangle) to reinforce the strap loops. Repeat for the other strap loop, ensuring both diagonals look even.

As an optional feature, top stitch along the 2cm (3/4″) line along the base of both rectangles.

Strap loop hack Tipa Dungarees


Yay! You just created fabric strap loops for your new Tipa dungarees. Use your extra long straps to create an easy looped knot through each strap and voila, you’re good to go!

Congratulations and enjoy!

Strap loop hack Tipa Dungarees

Thanks for sharing this Strap Loop hack tutorial Sharaine! We love your new look Tipa Dungarees!

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Love and happy sewing,
Sophie x

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