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below the kōwhai sew-along details

Current sew along: *finished*
Pai Rawe set – 3rd – 6th December 2019

Sign up in the form below to join our exclusive sew along.

A sew along is an opportunity to sew along side others and share the experience of creating.

You’ll receive daily prompts and have the ability to chat all things sewing and creating in our VIP community! It’s a great motivator to get sewing and produce a beautiful garment at the end of the sew along week!

Why the Pai Rawe set? We have timed this sew-along for our southern hemisphere sewers, as we head into summer we know this set will create a sweet casual summer outfit or a PJ set (perfect for Christmas presents!)!

Pai Rawe set Sew Along exclusives when you sign up:
  • Daily prompts and sew-structions sent to your inbox
  • Top tips for super profesh sewing
  • Random daily giveaway winners in our VIP Community
  • Discussion and encouragement in the VIP Community on Facebook
  • A super sweet Pai Rawe set at the end of the week!
Details you’ll want to know:
    • The sew along runs from Tuesday 3rd December – Friday 6th December (4 days)
    • The prompts will arrive daily in your inbox for 4 days over this period
    • Complete the prompts in your own time – you don’t have to stick to the schedule!!
    • Once the sew along starts theres no joining in late! Make sure you sign up asap!
    • Spot prizes will be given out during the sew along – at the last Tui Pinafore sew along prizes were won for Creative Content (sharing their images) and Creative Hacks (changing the pattern to suit) and upcycling fabric if that gives you any indication about what I look out for along the way.
    • This sew along is for facebook VIP members only – if you want to join or invite friends, please join our  VIP Community so you get the whole BTK experience
    • Haven’t got your pattern yet? You’ll find it here: Pai Rawe Set
    • Whether you have just purchased this pattern, or purchased it a long time ago you will need to fill out the form below to sign up.
    • The Pai Rawe set is for all sewing levels and experience! Join in, have some fun, make a new sewing friend along the way and enjoy the results!
To sign up:
Fill in the form below.
Love and happy sewing,
Sophie x
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