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6 Ways to Quilt

6 Ways to Quilt

6 ways to quilt, featuring unique, alternative ideas for quilting by hand or with a sewing machine. Perfect for additional inspiration for our Quilted Honu Vest.

6 Ways to Quilt

These quilting ideas are perfect to try out with our Honu Vest – Quilted, sewing pattern! You get all of the joy out of a cosy, quilted garment, in a fraction of the time it takes to create a blanket!

We’ve already included a quilting guide within the Honu Vest sewing pattern, with specific and thorough instructions for quilting with a 50mm square pattern.

However, here are an additional 6 ways to quilt with unique and alternative ideas!

And remember, to begin with your hand quilting may be wobbly, or uneven. Embrace the imperfections – they’ll refine with time. In the mean time, enjoy the hand sewn look and textures in the fabric they make.

Running Stitch

How to quilt with running stitch

Work in horizontal and vertical lines, approximately 50mm apart. Use your threaded needle to come in and out of all layers of the fabric.

Try and stitch 3-4ish stitches at the same time, working the needle through them in one pass.

Little Plus, Cross and Minus +x-

How to hand quilt

From the wrong side bring the needle through all layers to the right side and create your desired pattern of plus symbols, crosses, or minus’.

You could space them out evenly, randomly, or create concentrated areas with more stitching.

Wobbly Lines

How to quilt with wobbly lines

Recomended: Sewing machine with walking foot if you have one. Lengthen stitch length to 3-4.

Working vertically, sew in smooth undulating lines randomly down the length of your pattern pieces. Let the lines over lap with each other.

This looks especially striking on a solid fabric as it adds a lot of detail and texture to the piece.

Quilt with Fabric Lines

How to hand quilt ideas

Recommended: Hand stitch. Or, free motion quilt on a sewing machine (needed: free-motion quilting foot with feed dog’s disengaged. Watch Youtube tutorials, and practice first.)

Sew around the designs of your chosen fabric. Select different motifs within the fabric, and use a contrasting thread for ultimate accentuation.

Patchwork with X Joins

How to patchwork quilt

1. Sew together squares in your preferred size (for example, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm) by first sewing in horizontal rows. Stitch each square right sides together on each end.

Use a small 1/4″ seam allowance. Work to the width of your pattern piece.

How to patchwork quilt

2. Join the rows vertically with each other with right sides together, aligning seam lines by pinning in place.

Sew across the row. Continue joining rows and work to the length of your pattern piece.

How to patchwork quilt

3. From the wrong side of the fabric, bring the needle upwards through all layers in the corner of a join. Plunge needle down in the opposite corner, at the vertical angle. Cross the needle to the lower corner. Bring upwards again, and plunge down into the opposite vertical angle.

How to patchwork quilt

4. Repeat this cross formation several times overtop of each other to complete. You may wish to do this in every single patchwork corner, or in alternating or seemly random joins.

Tie Off

How to quilt with a tie

Create cute tassel ties periodically throughout your garment. You may wish to work in an alternating pattern, or seemingly randomly.

1. From the right side of the fabric, slide the needle through a few millimetres (1/8″), capturing all fabric and wadding layers. The larger this space is, the larger the horizontal line will be (completed tie on the left as reference).

How to quilt with a tie

2. Slide the needle back through to the original side, leaving a loop and tail on each end, approximately the length of your pinky finger.

How to quilt with a tie

3. Repeat this forwards and back motion 3-4 times. The more you do it the more tufftly and thick the tie will be.

4. Cut off the needle. Tie each side together with a double knot. Pull hard to secure. Trim each side to length as desired.

Navy and Blue Tiny Gingham

I can’t wait to see your own quilted garments with these fun quilting ideas!

Please show us your finished Quilted Honu Vests in our  VIP Community , or tag us on Instagram @belowthekowhai !

Love and happy sewing,
Sophie x

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